What is Collaborites?

When Collaborites is finished, it will be THE place for any indie or closet creative to fulfil their dreams by enlisting the help of their like-minded fellows. Much like crowd-sourced fund raising sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, Collaborites was designed as a means to a much greater end. Collaborites is crowd-sourced production!

What is the Inspiration for Collaborites?

Taking inspiration from projects like Project London we want you to go and MAKE what you've only previously thought about. We all know there are like-minded people out there but even your best friends might not share enough of the same tastes to want to go into production with you. Until now it's been rather difficult to find such people. Collaborites aims to change that by allowing you to search locally and internationally for people who can help you achieve your goals.

Why Use Collaborites?

Think of it as a repository for ideas and intellectual property. When you post on Collaborites it is accurately timestamped to the second in GMT so you always know the post date and time are accurate and displayed correctly no matter where in the world you might access it. This allows you to say with fair confidence that if no one has an earlier timestamp elsewhere that you are the official intellectual property holder of the material. Every user's contributions are also logged by time (and eventually by revision) so you know who owns what and why. Don't believe us? Check this proof of concept.

What Can You Do With Collaborites?

Manage your project, set up schedules and help others make money while making money yourself! Users can offer to work for free in exchange for time spent working for themselves or they can charge for their time. Users can also offer work on a dividends basis and set the percentage of the profits that each person gets for work on the project either manually or automatically.

Collaborites Is in Production

We're looking for volunteers!

Volunteer! You'll get a full user account, commission free for life, and first dibs if we need to fill a job!

If you're interested in something, click the blue link to be taken to the email form with the subject filled with your selection.

Looking For Coding Experience?

As Collaborites is currently in production we are looking for anyone with coding experience for the web, be it PHP, Mysql, AJAX or even Java desktop programming that can be transferred to any of the previous.

The ideal applicant is someone, recently retired who has spare hours regularly to advise and/or code with us. You might also be a student looking for that one killer portfolio piece. We will treat all coding as a potential for further permanent work.

Looking for Site Administration Experience?

We are in need of anyone with a basic working knowledge of Mysql to design, manage, maintain and otherwise improve our queries who's looking for work experience or just a new project to sink their teeth into.

Looking for Graphic Design Work For Your Portfolio?

As with any web project graphic designers are always needed, from fancy promotional images to full-blow interface design.

Looking For Motion Graphics or Video Experience?

We need a few animations produced for around the site to explain the concept.

Other Stuff

Finally, we are also looking for alpha and beta testers and people who can see the potential but feel it's not QUITE there yet, who'd like to input their ideas for improvements and features. These are especially welcome if you're willing to take at least an initial stab at coding the concept yourself first.

Please note application to volunteer does not guarantee a place. All rights are reserved and we may change the terms on this page without prior notification. We reserve the right to revoke any user account that violates the terms of use of the site.

Register your Interest!

Please use only plain text in your message, thank you.

Privacy: We won't give your details to any third party except where all parties have agreed through email or other channels that it is OK to do so. Such cases would only be where you have agreed to let us introduce you to someone else working on the site. We will not sell your information to any third parties.